for Food

Design is the key to any project. We specialise in production and food processing designs, plans, equipment and commissioning for both food, extraction and industrial applications related to hemp industry design. AHT assists in meeting project needs with logical applications, for effective results.

AHT team is able to assist  you in surpassing your technical and compliance needs. 

Our Products

AHT provides high-quality, low-cost hemp ingredients for todays health forward brands. Our bulk food product line includes hemp seeds, hulled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, hemp seed oil, excellent customer service and product reliability. All of our products are available in conventional and organic.

Seed, Oil & Protein Processing Lines

Our team is able to assist in the design, engineering specifications and acquirement of all and any of your company's facility design, manufacturing, processing, extraction and growing needs.

Food Science: Formulation & Supply

Cannabis proves to hold keys to a variety of market types, from food, nutraceuticals, medicinal and cosmetics, AHT has placed itself to provide & supply to your needs. As well as conducting our own research with international partner companies and our partner R&D Institute NDRI.

Zero Waste System Management 

Zero waste management plans are essential to any efficient manufacturing facility. Our research in hemp has allowed for a number of commercial viably applications to waste hemp products

Are we the right Wholesale Partner for you?

AHT provides a range of products and end-to-end services for food manufacturers, licensed producers and hemp and grain farmers.