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The Future
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Hemp Driven World

Innvoations & R&D

Research & Development

With the rest of the world clambering over the “Global CBD Market”, we have witnessed floods of biomass hit the supply market without the actual industry processor facilities available to develop it. 


Here we see a lack of international industry foresight. As with the ability to create a sustainable supply chain with the appropriate infrastructure, we have the opportunity to unlock the massive potential that Hemp offers. 


Despite living on the world's driest inhabited continent,  Australian farmers are amongst the world's most resourceful. Over 60 per cent of the Australian land mass is used for agricultural activity each year, resulting in the production of over $40 billion worth of agricultural goods.


In fact, Australia enjoys a healthy oversupply in the agriculture industry – to the tune of $14 billion per year. This overproduction makes us one of the worlds largest food exporters.


With Australia’s location and the potential global climatic hurdles in the near future, Australia could be set to become the world leaders in cannabis fibre innovations & supply.

Advancements in Hemp

Wall painter
Hemp Paints & Hemp Stains

Hemp paints and stains have been shown to be a viable and sustainable alternative to traditional products due to their solvent-free and non-toxic nature. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these products also have the potential to create a healthier living space for people. With proper waste management practices, hemp paints and stains can also be a valuable byproduct for hemp manufacturing and processing facilities, providing an additional source of income. These benefits make hemp paints and stains a desirable option for individuals and businesses interested in using sustainable products.

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Hemp Absorbant

Our research into the hydrophobic properties of hemp has revealed potential commercial applications in the oil and gas industries. We have found that hemp is 200% more effective as an absorbent than other leading products in the market. Additionally, hemp absorbents are reusable, 100% renewable, and have a carbon negative manufacturing process, making them a more sustainable choice. We are excited about the potential of hemp absorbents and are continuing to explore their use in various industries.

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Hemp Batteries

AHT's Research has led to developing  functional carbons for the use in battery production. Research has indicated that hemp batteries have a high charge-discharge rate and can hold a charge for extended periods of time, making them suitable for use in a range of applications, such as portable electronics and renewable energy systems. In addition, hemp-based batteries have the potential to be more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries because they can be made from sustainable and renewable materials

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Research & Development Partner

Research Partner: Natural Design Research Institute

Research Category: Renewable Energy & Industrial Innovations


Natural Design Research Institute

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NDRI identifies & targets emerging industries to advance the collective human potential and develop technology that has a positive effect on life, nature and our environment.

Charity No. 630683359

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