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Natural Fibre Separation

Cleaning and conditioning hemp seed at an industrial level involves unique challenges that differ from other commodities. From harvest to the finished product, it is important to have efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate facilities for processing hemp seed on a large scale. AHT has developed a range of hemp seed cleaning facilities that meet these requirements and are specifically designed to handle the nuances of hemp seed processing.

AHT Fibre Line 

The AHT Fibre Line is an advanced method for decortication and fibre separation that outperforms other methods. Conventional processing for separating fibre from contaminants can be costly and time-consuming, but the AHT Fibre Line offers a cost-effective and scalable solution.


This system can process fibre at a rate of 2,000 lbs/hour to 20,000 lbs/hour, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The capital costs associated with this separation process are much lower than traditional decortication equipment.

In addition to its fibre separation capabilities, the AHT Fibre Line also includes a seed separation system. This system can be used to separate the seed from the rest of the biomass, making it a useful tool for farmers who want to silage chop the entire plant instead of combining seeds before chopping the biomass.

Overall, the AHT Fibre Line is a superior solution for decortication and fibre separation, offering high processing speeds, low capital costs and the added ability to separate seeds from biomass.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the unique aspects of hemp fibre processing and how we can help you achieve your goals in hemp.

Hemp fibre processing

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