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Hemp fibre, hurd & seed processing 

AHT's Fibre Line is a game-changing piece of equipment that has revolutionised the hemp fiber processing industry. This system is the first 100% mechanised process capable of separating up to 60,000 lbs (30 tons) of hemp per hour, making it faster than traditional decorticaters. But not only is it faster, it is also significantly cheaper, making it an affordable option for hemp processors.

In addition to its speed and cost-effectiveness, the Hemp Fiber Classifier also creates a much cleaner end product than decorticators, making it a superior choice in terms of quality.

Some other notable features of the Hemp Fibre Classifier include:

  • It is made in America and serviced by U.S. technicians, ensuring that it is easy to access support and maintenance.

  • The Forsbergs brand is synonymous with quality, so you can trust that you are getting a top-of-the-line product.

  • Smaller, lower-cost systems are also available, making it accessible to processors of all sizes.

This system was developed in partnership with Forsbergs, Inc., the global leader in separation equipment, to fill a gap in the market. Before the Hemp Fiber Classifier, hemp processors had to choose between high-quality and expensive decorticators or cheaper but low-quality systems. Now, with the Hemp Fiber Classifier, processors can get an industrial-grade system at a cost that allows them to price their fiber competitively.

How it works?

The process of separating dried and chopped plant material begins with running it through a series of machines. The result of this process is three nearly pure end products: bast fibre, hurd fiber, and seed. Bast fiber is the outer layer of the plant stem, while hurd fibre is the inner woody core. Seeds are also often separated out during this process. 

System Customisation

We offer customised separation systems to meet the specific needs of our customers, including the production of large or small hurd fiber, seed protein, seed oil, or pure bast fiber. This customisation service is provided at no additional cost

Clean Product

Our separation process includes the use of agitation to produce end products with a purity of 95% or higher. These products include hurd fiber, bast fibre, and seed. No other automated systems are able to achieve such a high level of purity.

System capacity

AHT Processing Line is an industrial-scale machine capable of separating the whole hemp plant into usable fractions. It has a processing capacity ranging from 2,000 lbs per hour to 60,000 lbs per hour.

Full automation

AHT's Process Line is a fully automated system that requires only one person to operate

Value for money

AHT's Proceis a cost-effective alternative to traditional decortication systems. It requires a smaller capital investment and produces higher quality, more pure end products. This machine requires less equipment and has a smaller footprint in your facility, leading to further cost savings. Additionally, it requires less energy to operate, making it more environmentally friendly. Overall, the Hemp Fiber Classifier allows you to achieve significantly better results at a fraction of the cost of traditional decortication systems.

Made in the USA

Forsbergs, based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, is recognised world-wide as a leader in the separation industry, from Russia to Argentina; Venezuela to Canada; and throughout the continental United States, Forsbergs quality and dependability are serving all types of separation processors. Learn more about Forsbergs at

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AHT Processing Line

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