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Agriculture & Farming

Hemp Farming

AHT aims to provide product and farm management systems to farmers and cultivators alike. This will result in an increase in soil-plant health, yields & less impact on the environment. 

From the observation of the original natural systems, we have developed Accelerated Natural Systems™ (A.N.S), an integrated method of enhanced natural sequencing. A.N.S starts from the grassroots by focusing on soil and growing medium rehabilitation, by reinstating the natural biota, bacteria and fungi. 

We start from the ground up...
Our focus is on soil rehabilitation, reinstating the natural biota,
bacteria and fungi.

A.N.S Programme

Our aim is to facilitate and manage the implementation of an evolution of traditional farming methods. Our A.N.S Programme will re-establish soil health by facilitating and setting up the building blocks that nature intended to be present. keeping your soil healthy and intern getting the best results from your plants.

Tri Crop Management 

When designing a new hemp venture, its common practise to focus on a single product stream. Seed for food, fibre for textile / construction or flower for medicinal / recreation. AHT has developed a multi crop management system that caters to all three product streams in a single growing period, tripelling your potential income opportunities.

Harvest & Process Protocol 

When you make the decision start growing hemp, it's important to get every aspect of your operational plan right. Whether it's a new start, upscaling of an existing hemp venture or making the financial decision to change the crop type you operate. We have the timing and planning and necessary system processes you need to get this right, every time.

Carbon Sequestration

Industrial hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop on the planet. It is therefore the ideal candidate for a carbon sink. In addition, the CO2 is permanently bonded within the plants fibre, which can be used to make many products such as textiles, paper, building material, hydrophobic adsorbents and carbons for energy storage.... Hemp is currently being used by BMW in Germany to replace plastics in car construction

Zero Waste System Management 

Zero waste management plans are essential to any efficient manufacturing facility. Our research in hemp has allowed for a number of commercial viably applications to waste hemp products

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