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Build a Healthier 
Hemp driven World


AHT was formed in 2008 from Canada, where two hemp industry consultants, specialising in manufacturing & innovation teamed up to create Advanced Hemp Technologies.

Over the following 10 Years, AHT had consulted and aided in the set up of some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as attending and speaking at a number of conferences and seminars across the planet on how we can better integrate hemp into the global foresight for the future.


By 2018, AHT had created great success through its consultancies and ongoing projects, Phil and Carl knew they needed more hands on deck to keep the dream alive. The following 3 years, hosted a re-development of internal structure to solve the question 'How is AHT going to solidify its vision of creating a Healthier more Hemp Driven World?'

From here AHT was re-born, designed and developed to represent all that AHT had created over its lifetime. Positioning itself with the goal to create and supply globally necessary industrial solutions that benefit the community, business and government alike.

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Worldwide Reach & Distribution

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Software & Equipment Supply

We offer an extensive range of machinery to suit your needs...

Our equipment options have been tried and tested on some of the largest commercial growing and extraction environments on the planet...

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